Alongside working as an actor, Mary Claire is a professional Acting and Speech Coach.

MC began studying Bel Canto technique as a singer at a young age, then learned the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies. She went onto earn her MFA from California Institute of the Arts; mentored by Denise Woods, Fran Bennett, Dwight Bacquie, Deborah Ross-Sullivan, Mary Lou Rosato, Rafael Lopez-Barrantes and Cynthia DeCure all within their Theater School’s Speech and Voice program.

Paired with a keen ear, Mary Claire has an extensive background in Linklater, Fitzmaurice, Roy Hart Technique, Knight-Thompson Speechwork, and Edith Skinner's Speak With Distinction. She taught as co-professor for Voice and Speech for the Non-Actor and Institute Acting to both MFA and BFA CalArts students.

Mary Claire’s students span from all over the globe—including many regionalisms within the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, China, Philippines, South Korea, India, South Africa—and is considered a one-stop-shop coach for working actors, public speakers, political figures, broadcasters, and corporate professionals alike. She specializes in working with ESL speakers that are proficient in understanding the English language but are seeking to gain further clarity in speaking General and/or Standard American English.

For the thespian, she currently coaches privately in acting, audition prep, self-taping, accent training, and numerous English-speaking dialects.

Need further clarity in your speaking? Desire to expand your "special skills" resume section with more accents and dialects? Wish Shakespeare was easier to understand for both you and your audience?


Los Angeles, CA 90094